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Our Mission Statement: Center for Behavioral Sciences, Inc. shall assist in improving lives of individuals with special needs by implementing a scientific understanding of human behaviors that will maximize the potential of the individual across all life activities using applied behavior analysis (ABA). CBS, Inc. is data driven and will only design systems based on data to improve the lives of individuals with special needs.

CBS uses the latest applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques to design and implement individualized programs that address the needs of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities.

We work with local regional centers to provide in-home and center-based programs for early intervention, social skills training, and intensive behavioral services. In addition, we work with school districts to provide training and  support to school district personnel. We also work privately with families to provide ongoing support to parents and siblings. We are a provider of Tricare for those families in active military duty.


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About CBS

The philosophy of the Center for Behavioral Sciences, Inc. is to assist individuals with developmental disabilities live in the least restrictive environment and maximize their potential as productive members of society. As such, our primary purpose of the provision of services is to use the least intrusive methodology that enables individuals to live and work in a typical environment. The goals and objectives of CBS are to address the needs of children and adults with developmental disabilities who exhibit behavioral excesses and deficits that may interfere with learning and impede their quality of life. CBS, Inc. accomplishes these goals and objectives through functional assessment, one-to-one direct instruction, district/classroom consultation, and parent/caregiver training...READ MORE