Center for Behavioral Sciences

Center for Behavioral Sciences

Comprehensive ABA: 1:1 Direct Intensive Intervention

Our primary purpose of the provision of early intensive intervention services is to use applied behavior analysis to increase developmental levels and learning skills. The intervention activities will promote development in all of the following areas according to basic principles of child growth and development: Physical development (gross and fine motor); Cognitive development; Language and speech development; Psychosocial development (social emotional/play skills); and Self-help and feeding. A variety of ABA techniques will be used but are not limited to functional assessments, discrete trial teaching, positive programming, verbal behavior, shaping, chaining, and reinforcement. The format for these services are typically delivered in direct intensive format to the client and parent/mediator training.

Behavioral Services - ABA focused on severe behavior problems

Behavioral services will be individualized to the needs of the consumer and be based on the function of the presenting problem behavior as well as its frequency, duration and severity. All behavioral services will follow the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and will be designed to assist consumers in learning important social and adaptive skills in combination with educating parents or primary caregivers in the effective use of positive behavior supports. Behavioral services will be individualized to the needs of the consumer. These service hours are not as intensive compared to the CBS Comprehensive ABA programs. However, the ratio is still 1:1 and can occur in home, school, and/or community.

ABA services for Transitional Age Individuals with Autism (10-22 years-old)

The goal for Transitional Age individuals with Autism is to develop skills for a purposeful adult life and meaningful relationships. Thus, this program will focus on such areas as independent living, self-determination, and leisure skills appropriate to their age using applied behavior analysis with less intensive service hours. The ratio for these services can range from 1:1 to a group setting. Services can take place in home, school, and/or community.

Prevention Program- designed for children who do not qualify for Early Start services through their local Regional Centers

The group parent training/mommy and me is a series of classes to teach the primary caregiver (s) to encourage language development and social interaction using the principles of applied behavior analysis. During the class, the participants will learn via lecture and modeling of the different principles. In addition, each participant will be assigned homework to practice the skills learned with their child following each session.

District/Classroom-Wide Services

Our primary purpose of the provision of district/classroom-wide services is to improve district or county programs providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities and develop competency based training for teachers and para-educators. CBS, Inc. accomplishes these goals and objectives through consultation services to district and county programs. The consultation services include systems analysis, functional assessments, behavior consultation, workshop training for educators, and parent/mediator training.

Behavior Management Workshops

Our primary purpose of the provision of behavior management workshops is to provide a 5-week workshop introducing the basics of applied behavior analysis. By no means does this workshop intend to summarize and train competency in ABA principles. Rather, the purpose is to provide parents/caregivers or educators with the basic principles and familiarity with ABA terminology. Often attendees will likely be receiving behavioral services in the future and the class assists in preparation for such intensive services.